Mercedes Benz Service

At Specialty Repair we have been specializing in Mercedes Benz services since our opening in 1993. We have the experience repairing models from all years and have all the necessary equipment to diagnose any of those annoying check engine lights. We use dealer level computer diagnostics equipment and offer free computer diagnostics.

We offer full service oil changes, and any service your Mercedes might tell you it needs. During your cars service we check and top up all fluids. Our technicians will also look over your whole car including adjusting your tire pressure, looking at brake wear, and if needed can rotate your tires. We always use OE oil filters and the correct type of oil whether it be synthetic or traditional 20w-50. As part of your oil change we run our diagnostic equipment on your car to check and reset any faults or malfunctions on your Mercedes and we can properly reset your service lights.

Specializing in Mercedes Benz Services

Specialty Repair offers you multiple technicians with 20 plus years of experience working exclusively on Mercedes Benz and BMWs in the Greater Atlanta Area.  With that experience we offer the highest quality repairs in the business.  We offer all the services your Mercedes will need but we strive for honesty and will tell you what your car needs and what it doesn’t need at the current time so if we are doing brakes pads and rotors on your car and notice that you dont need rotors until maybe the next set of pads we will let you know.

We offer common repairs that are basic maintenance for your car such as Service A, Service B, Service C, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Spark Plugs, Fuel Filter and Transmission Services. Other repairs we do are the cooling system which could be as little as a little hose or the whole system including your radiator, hoses, and expansion tank.  We are very knowledgeable in the ABC system which is your Mercedes suspension and replace transmissions with the best rebuilt transmissions in Atlanta.

With our experience we have heard all the whistles, knocks and thuds your Mercedes may be making and we would love to help you fix your problem so please stop by, email or call, we’d be glad to help.